We Make the City 2020: Reset Public Space with Alexander D’Hooghe

Events, Interviews, 22.10.2020

Check out this episode of we Make The City 2020 Reset Public Space recent talk with Alexander D’Hooghe on the role of traffic infrastructure in the urban environment. Discussion in Dutch.

“How do we bring public space from being primarily  traffic infrastructure to providing a living environment? Streets are the lifeblood of the city. They connect people and buildings, transport things and ideas.

And the great thing is: the street belongs to everyone. However, During the lockdown this past spring, the streets worldwide became empty. We saw how much space was left without all those cars racing and parked in our city streets. As cities grow, how to we redefine the values ​​of the street? How do we divide the space on the street? Could streets be healthier, more social and more sustainable? And is the current crisis leading us to new answers?” We Make the City 2020