Antwerp Cap Detailed Design, Lobroekdok

As part of the Antwerp capping project which ORG curates and manages, ORG is also responsible for the design development of one of six pieces: Lobroekdok. The site is currently dominated by large scale infrastructure and industry, separating neighborhoods and fragmenting the urban fabric. The capping project will remove these infrastructural barriers by creating a large central ecological area. Generous new pedestrian esplanades and bike paths run through this area and relink different parts of the city. This network is detached from the existing car infrastructure to offer a high-quality, conflict-free environment. Where existing or newly planned infrastructure creates obstacles in this network, detailed designs are made to carefully adjust them to create long continuous connections. The proposed bike network is twofold: a high-speed bike highway on a regional scale, and a slow network on the local level. A new public transit hub is integrated in this new bike and pedestrian network, interconnecting all transportation modes: train, tram, waterbus and bike.

Antwerp, Belgium

Flanders Region

2016 — 2018

Design Development


public, landscape, infrastructure

Alexander D’Hooghe, Marcel Smets, Hendrik Bloem, Sanne Peeters, Nitay Lehrer, Milda Paceviciute, Heinrich Altenmueller, Michiel Duré, Arnout Sabbe, Rolf Van der Leeuw, Benoit Burquel, Chang Liu, Lavinia Isan

ARUP, Common Ground, Antwerp (B), Erik De Waele, Botanical Expert (B)

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