Rebuild by Design – New Meadowlands

This project was initiated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Presidential Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, the Rebuild by Design (RBD) competition proposed to connect the world’s leading researchers and designers with the Sandy-affected area’s active businesses, policymakers and local groups to redevelop their communities in environmentally and economically healthier ways - as a response to Superstorm Sandy’s devastation in the region. Our team devised a regional analysis strategy which layered a wide spectrum of risks and vulnerabilities, combining flood risk with social vulnerability, vital network vulnerability, pollution risk, etc. The analysis identified the Meadowlands as a key investment priority for the tri-state area. The team developed this analytical method in order to spatially analyze and rank federal investment priorities. Within the Meadowlands basin, the team identified three pilot areas as candidates to host the first stages of the project. In each of these areas, the project consists of a mix of actions, specifically; (a) berms and public space design and construction; (b) rezoning; and (c) integration with other ongoing initiatives. The project was awarded federal funding towards its execution of USD 150 million.

New York / New Jersey, U.S.A

US Federal Government, HUD

2013 — 2015

Under Construction


mixed, public, landscape, infrastructure

Alexander D’Hooghe, Kobi Ruthenberg

De Urbanisten (R’dam), ZUS Landscape Office, R’dam (NL), MIT SA+P, P-REX (Dir: Alan Berger)

Intermodal Hub, Leuven

Resiliency Analysis for the Boston Metropolitan Area