Noordkasteel and Oosterweelknoop

ORG engaged in a comparison study and produced different infrastructure designs for the entrance and exit at Noordkasteel (Oosterweelknoop) where two highways of the Oosterwelverbinding merge. The site’s highways run under the Noordkasteel park, which is a public space with many visitors and has multiple informal uses. In a collaborative process that has defined the capping project, ORG determined possibilities for public space and infrastructure for the intersection, and then presented designs for a minimal and maximal “overkapping” set in two distinct phases. These designs were discussed in open community work sessions to form one, agreed upon design. The final design provided a logical and readable bike network and a connecting loop around the park to provide strolling access to the monuments and attractive nature views. The plans also strengthened the landscape and its structure of dikes and the historic walls of the Noordkasteel, and created an urban square around the Samga building as a connector between city and port. The design hasorganised the infrastructure around the lock in a new way, hiding the motorway and creating a more welcoming and connected environment.

Antwerp, Belgium

Lantis, City of Antwerp

2018 — 2019

Design Development


mixed, public, landscape, infrastructure

Alexander D’Hooghe, Hendrik Bloem, Heinrich Altenmueller

Noordkasteel and Oosterweelknoop

Connecting the Waterways of Amsterdam