ORG Squared

Company Announcements, 27.01.2016

The partners of ORG are excited to announce they have decided to merge with SMETS Consultants in Urbanism, the former consultancy firm of Professor Marcel Smets and form a new unit, called ORG SQUARED.

ORG SQUARED is a collaboration between Alexander D’Hooghe, Marcel Smets, and a strong team of urbanists, dedicated to inception and implementation of urban projects.
Focus areas include the design and planning of mobility infrastructures and their surrounding urban development; innovation districts; and the upgrading of former industrial and logistic areas or depressed housing districts.

Marcel will act as senior advisor to ORG SQUARED. The company as such will be managed by Alexander on behalf of the broader ORG partnership. Smets contributes with strong references in urban practice: among others in Leuven (B), Nantes (FR), and Genova (I), Conegliano (I), Oporto (P). ORG contributes with references in among others New York-New Jersey (US), Brussels (B), and South-Korea.

Smets and D’Hooghe have had a long history of collaboration. Smets taught Alexander urbanism in the mid-nineties: first at the University of Leuven, and afterwards as collaborator in his designerly research firm with projects in Leuven (B) and Genova (I). In 2002 and 2003, Marcel and Alexander taught together at among others the Harvard GSD with design studios inThe Hague (NL) and Ostend (B). Today, their collaboration comes full circle in the creation of the new entity, ORG SQUARED. The explicit aim of this joint structure is to enhance standards for urban practice worldwide.

Together with LIN (Berlin) and ZUS (Rotterdam), ORG SQUARED already participated as one of the three selected teams for designing a territorial vision for the spatiam development of the Marseille-Aix-en-Provence (FR) area. It has been completed by the end of 2015. Since December 15th, ORG SQUARED has also been entrusted the curatorship for the capping of the “Ring” motorway in Antwerp (B). Ongoing work in New York-New Jersey also will be added to the ORG SQUARED portfolio.

The focus on Urbanism at ORG is a part of a broader effort at developing best practices in three areas of expertise: urbanism, architecture, and elements. Current ORG partners Luk Peeters and Natalie Seys are fully engaged in the latter, and the company continues to attract new talent, partners, and projects.