Events, 13.11.2014

On Friday 07/11 VRP (Vlaamse vereniging voor Ruimte en Planning) organized the World Urbanism Day. Theme for this year was “Trusting & Connecting. Innovation in territorial Development” (Vertrouwen & Verbinden. Innovatie in gebiedsontwikkeling).

One of the topics of the day was the role of water as a mediator and connector in (urban) development, for which Matthias presented the New Meadowlands project in New Jersey (ORG-CAU-ZUS-Urbanisten), a good example both as a challenging set up (Rebuild By Design competition, involvement of different actors…) and as an intelligent design.

An other ORG project in the picture was the new food market that is being constructed for Abattoir in Anderlecht: as an important link in the whole redevelopment of the Canal Zone in Brussels, the Abattoir site was visited on a tour along the Canal, amongst other projects like Ecopool, Brussel Zuidhaven, Brasserie Belle Vue and different housing projects by the Regional Development Company CityDev.