Emeritus celebration Prof. Marcel Smets

Events, 23.11.2016

Em. Prof. Marcel Smets, senior advisor to ORG Urbanism, will be honored by his colleagues, students and alumni from KU Leuven at his Emeritus celebration on 15th and 16th of December. An academic reflection and a seminary about the urban project will be organized from Thursday 15/12/2016, 15:00 to Friday 16/12/2016, 17:00. It will run through Prof. Smets’ academic and professional carreer, his national and international contributions, his legacy to urbanism and the future that he is helping to shape.
Our colleague Matthias Blondia and Alexander D’Hooghe will also take part in the colloquium on Friday.

Here’s the full program of the 2 day event (will be in English):

Thursday December 15th: Academic Reflection and official ceremony
Location: Universiteitshallen, Leuven
Start: 15:00
P. Viganò / P. Uyttenhove / J. Busquets / A. Loeckx
Rector KU Leuven R. Torfs / Mayor of Leuven L. Tobback / Flemish State Architect L. Van Broeck

Friday december 16th: “Urban project” colloquium, with 3 sessions:
Locatie: Provinciehuis, Leuven
Start: 9:30
Intro: B. De Meulder

Session 1 / Urbanism today and tomorrow: discourse
M. Dehaene / V. d’Auria (tbc) / E. Verbakel
G. De Block / M. Goethals / A. Menegotto

Session 2 / Urbanism today and tomorrow: practice
A. D’Hooghe / A. Depuydt / E. Van Daele / G. Geenen
E. Nulens / T. Van Mieghem (tbc) / M. Van Acker

Session 3 / Urbanism today and tomorrow: governance
K. Borret / M. Ryckewaert / J. Schreurs
M. Blondia / J. Van Reeth / S. Troch

For both events you can subscribe via the website of cvaa
Contact: theurbanproject@kuleuven.be

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