Exhibitions, 09.03.2015

The “Chicagoisms” exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago closed on January 4th after a record number of visitors viewed the show over the duration of eight months. The exhibit consisted of models and short manifestos made and written by 9 contemporary architectural offices — Bureau Spectacular, DOGMA, MVDRV, Organization for Permanent Modernity, PORT, Sam Jacob, UrbanLab, Weathers, and WW — that were presented with historical black-and-white photographs that are emblematic of “the five Chicagoisms”. “This juxtaposition of the historic and the contemporary underscores how the architectural and urban history of Chicago can act as a catalyst for new forms of speculation and innovation.” (from the website of Art Institute Chicago)

ORG’s model and manifesto was a plea for the BIG BOX

“We architects have, in our understandable focus on cultural artifacts, perhaps ignored the disruptive innovation brought forth by industrial building typologies. Sheds, big boxes, and warehouses appear as the victors of a big Darwinian struggle between architectural typologies for suburbs in the post-war period. Abstract minimalist artists were understandable transfixed by these buildings because of their capacity for total abstraction.

What if we take this as a cue for inculturating this type, and for making it central to a (sub)urban model with new live-work flexibilities, a breakdown of the difference between infrastructure-architecture, and ultimately a constructive, realistic urban model built on suburban rules of development?”

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