Brussels Canal Plan Honored in the Green Deal by the European Union

Awards, Company Announcements, 22.10.2020

The Brussels Quality Build plan has been acknowledged by the European Commission’s Green Deal– to make Europe climate neutral by 2050.

The Brussels Quality Build plan, or Canal Plan, provides a comprehensive guide to renewing the canal area. The canal is located in the center of Brussels and covers 14 km and passes through 7 municipalities. 

“A dense and socio-economically disadvantaged territory, it has benefited from numerous public initiatives. The BKP, in particular, aims to create new green spaces, improve the quality of existing public spaces to contribute to the quality of life, both socially and environmentally. The very presence of the canal also brings fresh air to the center of the city and mitigates heat islands.” Perspective.Brussels

The European Committee of the Regions identifies 200 projects helping to disseminate good practices in Green Deal ( Map of Best Practices ).